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my second short story .. (english)

Assalamualaikum .. hyep readers .. this is my second short story ..
i do it by my self .. a few hours ago .. in extra class .. :)

It was 11 o'clock. Fira was alone at home. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. From outside, a male voice said that he was delivering a gift hamper meant for her mother. She feel nervous to open the door because she was alone at home. Slowly, she opened the door. She looked one handsome guy stand infront with a gift hamper.

"Hi cute girl", said the guy. "Oh,hi", she replied. "Im Ashraf, i was here to deliver a gift hamper meant to your mother", said the guy while he handed over the gift. "Yeah,I know. You already say it before I opened the door", replied Fira. "Oh, I forgot about it. Please sign here", said Ashraf. Fira sign the document. "Thank you", said Fira. "My pleasured", replied Ashraf.

Now, its already five year past. While she sitting on the chair at outside, she was smile. She smile when looked her cute twins daughter playing the dolls together. She feel gratefull because she got a wonderfull happy ending on her relationship and now, she has a harmony family. Live with her handsome husband and her cute twins daughter together made her life was completed. Slowly, she remembered the event on how she meet her handsome husband .

"Is he bored with me? Did he has another girl behind me?" Fira asked to herself. Suddenly, she feel scared. She scared with what she was thinking about. "How about her life? Her twins daughter?" She really loved her husband and she will do anything for her marriage. On the other side, she hope her husband will always be honest with her.

"Be honest is the key of harmony life". Fira make decision to trusted her husband because she believed her husband will never do a stupid things that can cause their marriage destroy. She keep the words in herself.

Suddenly, her phone was ringing. She pick up the phone. "Mr. Ashraf was involved in accident", said a male voice from the phone. Fira was shock untill the phone broke because it was fall into the ground.

Fira go to the hospital to check out her husband's condition. Ashraf got injured at his legs. Fira feel pity to her husband. Tina begged the doctor to safe her husband. She really worried because her husband looked critical. After a weeks, Ashraf's condition was better than before. Fira promised to her self that she will take care of her husband and never think negative with her husband.

Now, Fira had been brought up with the belief that she should be a good wife and good mother for her family. Negative thinking does not pay a good effect. Believed and respected is the two important that should be in every humanbeings.

While sitting at the room, Fira feel little more at ease. Now, she realized that life was not for granted. She should give more attention to her family .


Actually ini exercise aku time extra class tadi .. hoho ..
teacher senyum2 jea baca karangan aku ..
sapa kata budak sastera tak boleh tulis short story in english??
PUT UR HAND DOWN !! tak guna rendah2 kan orang lain :)
think positive is the key of succesfull life ..
jangan mau fikir negative terus .. :)


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nice short story.congratulation!!keep it up :)

mimie ello said...

thank you .. :D