BE NICE IF YOU WAS HERE !! thanks ...
budak comel

2nd semester

hyep .. lama tak update ..
it is because .. im busy ! busy wif university life ..
same like last semester .. once i back to university life..
i would never have extra time to spend for other lalala activities..
just focusing on my studying .. my test .. my practical .. and so on ..
actualy .. this is my second semester .. and second weeks in UiTM ..
talk about second semester .. i felt more heaven laa if compared wif last sem ..
because last sem .. i am a super duper junior ..
err.. more to bitter memories than sweet and sour memories .. LOL!
apa yg sama wif last semester?? emm .. sesi photography ja kali .. hoho ..
picxa kat atas tuu .. errm .. time tu kitaorang baru jea habis photography session ..
second semester .. i can use baju lalala .. compared to last sem ..
just baju kurung .. hemo hemo hemo .. now.. i can wearing T-shit + jeans ..
such  this ::
yaa.. thats me .. yellow beg + shoes wift pinky bottle :)
peace yaww!!

err.. do not misunderstand .. i still wearing baju kurung .. for evidence ::
taraaa!!! :) my second week :)
its called :: kruk kruk stylee.. ahahaha ..
haney is the one who starting kruk kruk style .. haha ..
kruk kruk style comes in her mind because of my necklace ..
an owl necklace .. ngeee .. it kinda cute ..
try laa buat bunyi kruk kruk .. looked funny okeyyy .. :D

another ::
while waiting for bus NR (non resident)..
also kruk kruk stylee .. hahaha ..
tired day .. class canceled..kelas smua full .. diguna -_-
no place for us during lab computer session .. 

err.. during field practical ..
no picture .. because my group and I are struggle to do our lanscape project .. -_-
syukur Alhamdulillah .. i got a strategic + good place for the project and the super
duper the va voom group members :)

my group members::
me, kak tutum, mun, aqila, walter and brother (Y)

i love my group members.. they are kind + sporting .. peace yaww .. lets do it together syg!
A+ for us .. insyaAllah :)

ermm .. second semester means .. we ody have junior la kan .. budak2 first semester .. :)
i'll be a good kaka senior :p :p even satu umur .. miahaha ..
it's because .. tak sampai hati laa mau ragging :)
biar laa kawan2 lain yg ragging .. me?? no need kot .. kaka saiko jea lebih :p


p/s :: sorry for my broken english language .. i try my best to writing + speaking in english because i wanna improve my language skills.. hoho .. i have another writting and speaking test in this semester .. and what a bad luck this sem because our lecturer of english language (BEL) is a strict person ..

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