BE NICE IF YOU WAS HERE !! thanks ...
budak comel

its been a while huh ~ :)

*broken english*
hye reader(s).. its been a while huh i didnt post any entry.. i miss u duhh lova blog..
Sorry coz leave u and only write here when i have no one to shared wif..
haha.. huu.. dear lova blog.. i dunno.. i became hot temper.. and i hate it..
today.. err.. not today .. since last night.. i had hurt my friend's heart .. and i felt bad..
really bad.. i cried enough coz tis matter.. dunno why.. feel hurt inside my heart..
feel hurt than when i broke up wif  mr. NF.. and i dunno why..
Dear Allah.. what should I do?? should i just give up on tis friendship?? 
should I just ignore everything?? huu.. to be honest I can't.. i can't give up on tis friendship..
same like I can't give up on my relay wif mr. NF few months ago..
it kinda hard to ignore or forget someone tat really mean to me..
i never felt like tis towards any of my friend..
he gave me so much strenght .. support me to move on after i broke up wif NF..
keep giving me advice when i down .. when i lost my strenght.. when i think i am nothing..
i failed to be a good friend to him .. damn failed.. 
i do felt like tis if i got fight wif zati.. but if i got fight wif her pun .. i'll never cry hard like tis..
really bad.. really sad.. i supposed to be happy today coz dun have any class to attend..
totally free.. holiday for 1 day.. but, ntahh.. just spend time watching anime in the same time
'menghayal'.. like i've done BIG MISTAKE.. urghhh ~ hate tis feeling..

dear chinggu .. i love u .. 
please forgive me..

my move on process is 99%
i should accept that mr NF ody 'replaced' me wif the one who maybe good than me.. maybe cute or pretty than me.. maybe who clever than me.. and maybe who can give him so much happiness..
seriously its hard to accept it at 1st.. but i should learn.. i should try my hard to forget the past..
try my best to keep the memories away from my heart..memories??
hoho.. i think i dun have one wif NF.. after take a deep looked..
i just hard to forget him because he's my 1st love.. jyeahh .. everybody gonna agree wif me..
it kinda hard to forget our 1st love rite?? dont lie.. hoho .. dont put a blame on me if i cant forget u ..
its ur fault coz came into my heart .. its your fault coz give me hope to tis relay .. if only u just leave me at the 1st time u leave me.. if only u dont came back to me at the 2nd time.. i'll never be like tis u know.. -_-
huuu.. feel regret enough coz accept u at the 2nd time.. regret enough coz trust on u ..
regret enough to trust a cheater like u .. chill.. im cool.. im okey .. i can't forget everything and accept u just like i never had special relay wif u .. sayonaraa.. farewell 1st love.. let me burn u deep inside my heart .. emmuahhh :*

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